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Listen to Malaa's Gritty New House Track, "Hypnotic"

“Hypnotic” marks the third single from Malaa's forthcoming debut album, "DON MALAA."

Our favorite balaclava-wearing house producer, Malaa, has dropped a new house track, "Hypnotic."

It's the enigmatic producer's third single from his upcoming debut LP, DON MALAA, one of the year's most hotly anticipated dance albums.

Clocking in at over five minutes, "Hypnotic" finds Malaa beautifully splaying his bass-oriented house music sensibilities through the arrangement, mesmerizing listeners with gritty sound design. His signature, gritty drum programming and clever vocal sampling are on full display in the new track, which sounds like a surefire standout from DON MALAA

Malaa's long-awaited debut album is expected to release in September 2022. Ahead of the album's release, you can catch the "Ring The Alarm" producer on tour throughout North America. He's scheduled to perform at Electric Zoo, North Coast and Freaky Deaky, among other electronic music festivals.

You can find "Hypnotic" on streaming platforms here and listen below.

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Ekonovah and Cloverdale Team Up for Soulful Tech House Jam, "Higher"

The stellar collab was released on hau5trap, an offshoot of deadmau5's venerated mau5trap imprint.

Ekonovah and Cloverdale have joined forces for "Higher," a brand new single out now by way of deadmau5's hau5trap imprint.

"Higher" finds two extremely promising dance music producers teaming up in a superb display of tech house gravitas. The track's hallmark is a soulful vocal refrain, which floats atop the arrangement with an airy charisma as a four-on-the-floor rhythm chugs below.

It's not long before Ekonovah and Cloverdale unload a sultry tech house drop that beautifully combines each artist's respective approach to production. Here, the nuances of their sounds shine in-between the bars, highlighted by resonant rave stabs, punchy leads and a pulsing bassline.

Take a listen to "Higher" below.

"'Higher' all started out by trying to convey the concept of smoothness and softness in a high energy bassline. Something that oozed through your ears and rumbled the ground all in one," Cloverdale explains. "It only made sense to bring on Ekonovah to really add some life and emotion to the track. We're both so pleased with the final result."

The release of "Higher" aligns with perhaps the most anticipated date of Ekonovah's "The Discovery Tour," a momentous hometown headlining performance tonight in Phoenix. The debut tour marks a crowning achievement for the young beatsmith, who had been making waves in the house music space for years.

"I am looking forward to meeting and connecting with people have been listening to my music in different cities and breaking into new venues to play my sound!" Ekonovah told EDM.com.

Meanwhile, Cloverdale's own Vibrancy record label is hosting its first-ever curated festival this weekend in Halifax, where he'll be joined by Green Velvet, J. Worra, Ranger Trucco, DJ Susan and more. He's also gearing up for a performance at Nocturnal Wonderland in September.

You can find "Higher" on streaming platforms here.

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Rich DietZ and BERK Get "Lit" In New Tech House Anthem

True to its name, the energetic single lights up the tech house artfulness of both Rich DietZ and BERK.

Rich DietZ show out once again on "LIT," their latest tech house banger, a collaboration with fellow red-hot producer BERK.

Out today via Peak Hour Music, "LIT" marks the surging electronic music duo’s fifth single of 2022. They've kept their feet on the gas pedal, pumping out club-ready house records like "Work Song" and "VIBES," the latter of which received support by iconic dance music duo Showtek.

True to its name, the energetic single lights up the tech house artfulness of both Rich DietZ and BERK. Their pulsing production is highlighted by crisp percussion, laser-like synths and cheeky vocals, all of which combine for yet another house masterstroke.

The nuances of their sound design are front-and-center, as squelchy bass fills and acid-inspired leads round out the arrangement. Throw in the thumping drum programming of Rich DietZ and BERK, and you've got a tech house home run.

Take a listen to "LIT" below and stream the new track here.

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Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta and Shakira Drop Remix Package for "Don't You Worry"

Malaa, Dubdogz and more were recruited to rework the track into electrifying remixes.

Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta and Shakira have added even more firepower to their collaborative release, "Don't You Worry."

A trio of dance remixes has been released to celebrate the international success of their recent super-collab. Breathing new life into the record, Guetta, Shakira and the Peas called upon Malaa, Dubdogz, DJs From Mars and Mark Ursa to produce unique spins on the track.

First up is a collaborative remix from DJs From Mars and Guetta. Featuring plenty of old-school synths, their remix twists will.i.am's vocals into a stomping beat reminiscent of an early 2000s dance hit.

The second transformative release comes courtesy of Malaa, who is on the precipice of releasing his long-awaited debut album. Producing a more bass-forward rendition than his counterparts, the French superstar chops up vocals from the original and adds a cybernetic bassline.

Closing things out are Dubdogz and Mark Ursa, whose club-ready remix packs an electro house punch.

You can find the full "Don't You Worry" remix bundle on streaming platforms here.

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Bass Canyon 2022: Set Times, Weather and Everything Else You Need to Know

You can never be too prepared for a trip to the Gorge Amphitheatre.

Excision's Bass Canyon is back—and arguably bigger than ever.

Whether you're a veteran Gorge Amphitheatre attendee or the venue is an entirely new experience, it's a foregone conclusion that X and friends have quite a weekend planned.

Because you can never be too prepared for a trip to the Gorge, we've put together a handy guide for Bass Canyon 2022.

Bass Canyon 2022 set times

This year's lineup features Boombox Cartel, SVDDEN DEATH, Subtronics, Boogie T, Sullivan King and many more. Bass Canyon will also spotlight a slew of rising bass music artists, such as Effin, A Hundred Drums, Xotix, Versa, Redrum and Lizzy Jane, among others.

Check out the full list of set times below.

Bass Canyon 2022 set times, lineup and schedule.

Bass Canyon/Twitter

Camping at the Gorge

Bass Canyon campers will be glad to hear that the gates opened a day early this year on August 17th, helping mitigate the traffic that caused delays at last year's festival.

The lines to each campground should be significantly shorter, allowing for faster entry. Below you'll find the camping map to help navigate where to park your vehicle as well as a map for the festival grounds themselves.

Onsite parking passes will be available for purchase each day of Bass Canyon. Please note, however, that cars cannot remain there for long after the festival ends each day. That means if you want to hang out with your friends who have a campsite, you'll need to find somewhere else to park your car. 

Bass Canyon 2022 camping map.

Bass Canyon/Twitter

Bass Canyon 2022 festival map

Bass Canyon 2022 festival map.

Bass Canyon/Twitter

Bass Canyon 2022 camping list

Whether or not you're camping, it always helps to bring along a list.

Below you'll find a complete list of essentials provided by the Bass Canyon team. As we'll discuss in the next section, it's going to be a hot one this year so don't forget your sunscreen.

Bass Canyon 2022 camping list.

Bass Canyon/Twitter

Bass Canyon weather

This year's forecast is vastly different than that of last year, much like every Gorge experience.

Instead of intermittent wind and chilly nights, attendees can expect scorching hot weather. The National Weather Service issued an Excessive Heat Warning in Washington, with temperatures of up to 102°.

The Gorge can be an unforgiving venue, so make sure to stay hydrated and remain vigilant for heat stroke symptoms.

Other activities at Bass Canyon 2022

If the music simply isn't enough for you, Bass Canyon has you covered.

All five days of the festival will feature a handful of exploits to keep headbangers busy until the fun begins, including a flow meet-up, kendama jam, painting, yoga, meditation and a scavenger hunt, among other activities.

Bass Canyon/Twitter

Have fun responsibly

The most important part of any music festival is making sure you, your friends and those around you are having the best time possible.

Drink responsibly and stay hydrated in the hot weather. If you see anyone around you uncomfortable or struggling, do what you can to help. Excision's team will have a crew onsite to help out when needed, so seek their assistance if necessary. 


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Marshmello, Martin Garrix, Nicole Moudaber and More Announced for Ultra Korea 2022

Organizers revealed the first wave of artists to appear in Seoul for the 2022 return of Ultra Korea.

For the first time since 2019, Ultra is returning to South Korea.

Coming soon to Seoul is the ninth edition of the Ultra Korea EDM festival. After being forced to put the event on hold due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, organizers have now revealed the first phase of artists who will be taking the stage.

Marshmello, Martin Garrix, Nicole Moudaber, Adam Beyer, KSHMR, Nicky Romero, Oliver Heldens, Sasha and Timmy Trumpet will dazzle the masses at this fall's fest. Ultra has not yet announced the full slate of artists or stage schedule, but more information is expected soon.

Ultra Korea 2022 is scheduled for September 24th and 25, 2022. Check out the lineup below and find more information about Ultra Korea 2022 here.

c/o Ultra Korea


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The 3rd Annual Renegade Burn: Trolling Run Amok or Playa-fied Revolution?

Burning Man is back, so why are people throwing a "Free Burn" anyway?

After a long two years, Burning Man is finally returning. For some of us, not a moment too soon.

The pandemic brought us all a lot of challenges, grief and some growth. It allowed us to slow down and work on ourselves. What it didn’t give us is Burning Man, so— coronavirus be damned—a mob approximated by some to be around 20,000 people descended on the Black Rock Desert without any oversight by the government or Burning Man Project— twice. They didn’t even have porta potties.

What perhaps surprised people most was the sheer success of the undertaking. Without established roadways it didn’t even appear to be a city, but ingress and egress (a process that usually takes half a day if it goes well under the BMP) was a casual, breezy process of about 30 minutes.

Scott London

The official Burning Man event is now back, so most assumed the unofficial Renegade would no longer need to happen. But it appears nobody told the renegaders that, because they’ve planned their event to be hosted in the week following the real Burning Man, from September 4th to 12th, and it’ll take place only about 20 miles up the road.

Whether to "decompress" ("afterparty" in Burner) or to experience something a little different in the desert, it’s looking like it’ll be the best one yet too. In fact, thousands have already RSVPed.

Scott London

What most set the Renegade apart was the absence of centralized leadership. Devoid of a single unified voice or spokesperson, it was more like a web of crews in variously sized cuddle-puddles, all heckling each other at the same time.

Well, until now.

One of the chief instigators of the Renegade Burn who has remained secretive until now has appeared. This person, who under the condition that he be identified only as “John Law,” told us he recruits art cars and theme camps to participate in the renegade. He also manages Facebook events and groups to disseminate information, which he says still grow anywhere from 100 to 200 people a day.

This year, Law even created an Eventbrite page to "sell" free tickets for this year's event.

Scott London

Burning Man is back, so why are people throwing a "Free Burn" anyway? We weren’t sure if Law was just an internet troll run amok or if he was aiming for something more historic.

"It's 2022, the pandemic is now endemic and Burning Man is back on but tickets are sold out. People are scratching and clawing on social media platforms to get their tickets now, but the ticket is just the start of it," Law tells EDM.com. "There’s the ticket, then the participation measurements by the BORG proctors. Then there's the long gate wait, plus the car searches, plus the 5mph speed limit. You get in. Now you’ve got to wait in another line for an art car license and acceptance letter. Don’t forget your day license, and your night license. The list goes on. It’s endless, so for some of us, after experiencing the renegade—after experiencing FREEDOM—we don’t want to go back."

"If you’re one of us," Law continued, "come join us."

Editor's Note: Black Rock Renegade is not affiliated with Burning Man in any capacity.

What So Not Wants to DJ at Your House Party

The Aussie's hotly anticipated sophomore album is due out on September 16th.

Got any weekend plans? Because What So Not casually wants to DJ in your living room.

The electronic music virtuoso, who has graced the towering stages of many of the world's biggest festivals, has announced a contest for one fan to win a private DJ set. He's essentially throwing a dart at a map and planning to perform at a random house party hosted by one lucky fan who pre-saves his upcoming album, Anomaly.

"Wanna host the most infamous house party to ever hit your town?" What So Not asked in an Instagram post. "I'll be going anywhere in the world (yes, anywhere) to DJ someone's house party to celebrate my album coming out in exactly one month."

You can pre-save Anomaly here.

View the original article to see embedded media.

The trail of breadcrumbs to Anomaly got a little shorter today after the release of "On Air," a brand new collab with Louis The Child, Captain Cuts and JRM. It's the fifth single from the Aussie's hotly anticipated sophomore album, which is due out on September 16th.

"The easiest way to describe 'On Air' is: it’s like Disney, it’s very unpretentious, very fun and channelling those dancing ‘in the sky’ kinda moments," explained What So Not, who said the new single was inspired by DreamWorks' animated film, How to Train Your Dragon. "I don’t usually write this happy, bubbly upbeat stuff, it’s always brooding and moody, but this time it felt so authentic—it felt inner childlike, so I went with it."

Ahead of the release of Anomaly next month, fans can pre-order limited edition vinyl of the album via Ninja Tune. The 140g "Burnt Pink" vinyl is housed in a matte varnish sleeve and includes a digital download code.

You can stream "On Air" here and listen to the other Anomaly singles currently available below.


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Nostalgix On Her Record Label Dreams, Blistering Shambhala Music Festival Debut and More

"It felt really right. I feel really fulfilled and my soul feels really happy."

It's been just over a year since Nostalgix moved to Los Angeles, but you wouldn't know it if you flipped through her accolades.

The fast-rising house music producer and rapper embarked on an expansive North American tour. She released a dizzying string of singles and remixes on House Call Records, Night Bass, Thrive and more venerated dance labels. And last month, Nostalgix returned to her home turf of B.C. to scratch another iconic music festival off her bucket list.

EDM.com caught up with the Vancouver native following her explosive debut at one of Canada's most beloved electronic music festivals, Shambhala.

Nostalgix performs at Shambhlaha's Pagoda Stage in 2022.

Triangel Productions

EDM.com: How does it feel playing your first Shambala coming from Vancouver, knowing the cultural relevance of this festival but never having been here?

Nostalgix: I just gotta say, it felt really right. I feel really fulfilled and my soul feels really happy. It was just one of those sets that clicked and felt right. It was a really good moment.

EDM.com: You really took them on a journey. How have you seen the importance and success of being your own vocalist in your own songs and how has that progressed in the last few years?

Nostalgix: Honestly, I started doing the vocals on my songs because I was sick of waiting for people to send me vocals. I’m one of those people that like to do everything myself anyway, so I decided to give it a shot.

Over the last couple of years, it's become such a big staple in my music and in my sets. For me, it just adds another layer of performance that I can do and another layer of who I am as a person aside from the beat that I’m producing.

EDM.com: Are there any artists you’re lending vocals to?

Nostalgix: Right now I’m keeping my vocals to mostly my own productions. I’m taking the time to really focus on the Nostalgix sound and the next wave of what that’s going to be. So it’s mostly working on my own vocals and productions right now. There are some collabs that I can’t really talk about that are in the works.

Nostalgix performs at Shambhlaha's Pagoda Stage in 2022.

Triangel Productions

EDM.com: The last time we saw you was at FVDED In The Park last year. You’ve now been all over the U.S. and Canada. Where else have you played?

Nostalgix: I’ve been touring North America, so mainly just the U.S. and Canada.

EDM.com: Where’s your favorite place to play in the U.S. then? Give us your top three.

Nostalgix: I've got to say number one was EDC because I got to play three sets and it was the most insane time of my life. I played the mainstage, at stereoBLOOM and Corona Beach. It was just an insane weekend.

Number two is New York. I love N.Y. so much—I just think it's one of the coolest places in the world. I could totally see myself living there but the energy was really insane. I played there on the Confession Versus Night Bass Tour. It was really big family vibes and I felt like I was a part of something.

And number three is one that people wouldn’t expect. But I did a show on the ARMNHMR tour in Fresno, California. The energy that night was something that I’d never seen up until that point. It really felt like the crowd and I was on such a good vibe that we were “one,” having the best time ever. For me, everything clicked that night and it felt really right. Oh and Shambala (laughs).

EDM.com: So as you travel around, you’re listening to new music, updating your sets. What would you say is popping off right now, even if you don’t play it? What genre are you paying attention to right now?

Nostalgix: Right now I’ve been vibing with techno. Like you might hear a drop or two in a Nostalgix set but for me, I think it's very cool. It has a cool style and aesthetic to it. I’ve been on that vibe recently. I wouldn’t personally make techno—I just like the vibe.

Nostalgix performs at Shambhlaha's Pagoda Stage in 2022.

c/o Eric, Insomniac Media

EDM.com: When can we expect Nostalgix in Europe so you can experience some real techno? Amsterdam, London, Berlin—they're a must.

Nostalgix: That’s definitely one of my big goals is to tour Europe. It will happen… I actually did play at ADE in 2018. Before I ever had an agent or manager, I kinda acted as an agent and manager and made fake emails for those roles, and I went and I was gonna go play the show. It was with Fraudulent Records and Morris Sir Blanc so they were doing like a bass house takeover.

So I was thinking that if I was going to go to an ADE show I want to do a Europe tour. I filled in the pieces and reached out to all these clubs and booked myself a tour with like five shows. I did this show in the middle of a cave in Habblestat, Germany. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I want to do that again.

EDM.com: As soon as you go across the pond, it’s a whole new level. Especially ADE specifically. Shoutout ADE!

Nostalgix: Shoutout to all the Europeans out there! I think it's just such a different energy out there with the people, culture, the food is amazing, and all the places to see. It’s a cool thing to see and be a part of. One day we’ll be there again.

EDM.com: Would you ever start your own record label? And who would be your first three signees if money was no object?

Nostalgix: Okay. No one has ever asked me these questions. It's actually one of my goals down the line is to have my own record label because I want to be able to bring up other artists and support upcoming talent. It’s cool to be able to create a community and something bigger beyond yourself.

I look at someone like AC Slater and what he’s done with Night Bass and how much he’s helped me out when I was just starting my career. It makes me really want to do it for other people. But who would I sign on? Michael Sparks, he’s fire. AC Slater. Dr. Fresh.

EDM.com: What’s next for Nostalgix?

Nostalgix: Show-wise, I have a crazy summer tour happening that’s going on right now. I’m going to be performing at two festivals every week until the end of August. I’m really excited for each performance—they will all be unique and original in their own way.

Music-wise, that’s basically what I work on all week. I’m working on some projects that I can’t really talk about right now. I’ve only been touring for a year now and I’ve really been channeling that energy of being on the go and having fun and meeting people. There’s been a lot of fun, upbeat energy around me and you’ll hear that in my records coming out by the end of the year and next year. I’m in this fun era in my life and I’m channeling that into my music.

Take a listen to Nostalgix's latest single, "Heat Rush," below.


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Above & Beyond Drop Hypnotic Progressive House Single, "Chains"

Premiered during the band’s Group Therapy 450 celebration at The Drumsheds London last September, “Chains” marks the group’s third single with Marty Longstaff.

Iconic trance music trio Above & Beyond have returned with a new progressive house anthem, “Chains.”

Premiered during the band’s Group Therapy 450 celebration at The Drumsheds London last September, “Chains” marks Above & Beyond's third single with Marty Longstaff following 2019's "Flying By Candlelight" and "Tightrope." It's also one of two original productions to appear on the group's Anjunabeats Volume 16 compilation, alongside "Projection."

"'Jump and the net will appear,’ a fleeting remark from a colleague of Tony’s at Warner Records, has always percolated during songwriting," Above & Beyond said in a press statement. "With the uncertainty of the last few years, it reared its head again and ‘Chains’ was born. Marty’s tones fit the track perfectly, reminding us that a step into the unknown, might just be putting your best foot forward."

Listen to “Chains” below.

Above & Beyond are currently on an extensive summer and fall tour. They're set to host their own Group Therapy Weekender London festival in September, two-day Group Therapy Radio 500 show at Los Angeles’ Banc of California Stadium in October, and make headlining appearances at Creamfields, EDC Orlando and more.

You can stream "Chains" here.


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This Company Aims to Revolutionize Vinyl As We Know It

"With less noise and an excellent stereo image at low frequencies, this is the vinyl manufacturer the world has been waiting for."

On-demand vinyl platform elasticStage has raised £3.5 million ($4.2 million USD) to help fund "the vinyl revolution."

Led by renowned record producers Paul Epworth (Adele, Paul McCartney) and Dan Grech-Marguerat (Lana Del Rey, George Ezra, Tom Grennan), the investment will aid elasticStage in expanding its operations, team and technology as well as building key partnerships with labels and digital service providers. The company is set to drop the needle and open their first production and fulfillment center in London by the end of this year, MusicWeek reports.

elasticStage has reportedly spent the past six years in development and is now ready to revolutionize the way vinyl is created and distributed with a more sustainable and ethical approach. By utilizing different materials for the vinyl and getting rid of toxic chemicals, elasticStage maintains they're able to produce a quality vinyl record in a much shorter timeframe than other vinyl pressing plants.

"Importantly, the use of an alternative to PVC, digital printing and the eradication of harmful chemicals sets a new standard in this field," the company said in a statement. "All this is achieved without compromising the quality of the sound or the artwork."


elasticStage provides a direct-to-consumer approach, which is said to significantly reduce lead times and enable larger production volumes. A minimum order of only one is required and means the commercial demand can be met immediately. 

The current state of the vinyl sector is a bit disjointed due to supply issues, a resurgence of vinyl and the time it takes to press it. According to MusicWeek, it can take up to 12 months for an LP release, but elasticStage allows artists to sell vinyl the same day their music hits digital service providers. This not only increases revenues for the artist, but also augments their chances at making it into the charts due to physical sales.

"The future of vinyl is here," Grech-Marguerat said in a statement. "With a next day turnaround time, gone will be the days of waiting months for vinyl production. The high-end sound quality and incredible definition will shock any avid record lover. With less noise and an excellent stereo image at low frequencies, this is the vinyl manufacturer the world has been waiting for." 

Controversial Music NFT Platform HitPiece Relaunches Months After Shutdown

HitPiece was panned in early 2022 after allegedly minting and selling music NFTs without artists' knowledge.

Mere months after being slammed by the music industry at large for auctioning music NFTs without artists' consent, HitPiece has relaunched, Billboard reports.

Legions of artists lashed out at HitPiece in early 2022 after a plethora of NFTs appeared on the controversial marketplace without their consent. After major recording artists like Jack Antonoff and industry trade organizations like the RIAA admonished the platform, its website went offline.

But HitPiece is now back online and aiming to be "the easiest place to create and buy authentic music artist NFTs," according to Billboard.

"HitPiece is working with the licensors of music to secure performance rights," Felton said in an email to Billboard. "We may enter into agreements with individual songwriters and publishers rather than PROs since the licenses from PROs may not be well suited for our platform. We may also enter into agreements directly with recording artists who have those rights or their record labels."

HitPiece's co-founder, Rory Felton, recently spoke with Input and issued a mea culpa.

"Clearly, we failed to have the proper guardrails in place around the product, which led to the miscommunications and challenges that happened," Felton said. "We made mistakes with that, and we're looking to learn from that and build upon that."

HitPiece, which reportedly received $5 million in early funding, has since moved on from its beta phase and signed up roughly 50 artists, such as ATL Jacob and Lil Gnar. The company takes a 10% transaction fee for any NFTs sold through the marketplace, per Input.

House Representative Rashida Tlaib Takes Aim at Music Streaming Services In New Resolution

It is the "duty of the Federal Government to establish a new royalty program," according to Tlaib's resolution.

Rashida Tlaib, House Representative for Michigan's 13th congressional district, has introduced a resolution that seeks to establish a new royalty program.

The resolution effectively continues her fight for musicians to earn a "reasonable" living from their recorded music.

"Expressing the sense of Congress that it is the duty of the Federal Government to establish a new royalty program to provide income to featured and non-featured performing artists whose music or audio content is listened to on streaming music services, like Spotify," reads the bill.

Tlaib's resolution proposes the royalty rate be administered by SoundExchange and the Copyright Royalty Board, who would calculate, collect, retain and distribute payments to the appropriate copyright holders.

The organizations' operations would be subsidized by "mandatory pro rata contributions collected by SoundExchange from eligible providers," according to the bill. And should SoundExchange need additional funds, they would be able to request direct public funding as they see fit. 

Rashida Tlaib, the U.S. representative for Michigan's 13th congressional district.

United States Congress/Facebook

Music is predominantly consumed via major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. According to RBR, streaming accounts for 83% of the total recorded revenue in the U.S.

The resolution adds the pandemic has caused significant harm to the live music space and has dwindled income for touring musicians. During this time, however, Tlaib maintains that streaming services like Spotify have benefitted from artists' work "in an unequal manner."

"...[P]roviders of streaming music service, like Spotify, saw a 13.4-percent increase in revenues in 2020, bringing Spotify’s streaming music service total revenue to $10,100,000,000," reads Tlaib's resolution. "Whereas musicians have created the content responsible for these record valuations, but are only compensated on average $0.007 per stream."

The resolution was reportedly referred to the House Judiciary Committee after it was introduced by Tlaib on August 9th, 2022. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) has supported the bill, according to TechCrunch.

"A Truly Special Moment": Watch KSHMR Perform On a Raft In Kashmir

KSHMR's music has long been deeply inspired by Indian culture.

Dance music superstar KSHMR has released the full recording of his recent DJ set in Kashmir, a performance he called "a truly special moment" in his career. 

Heading out to the middle of a lake with the ravishing landscape of Kashmir in the background, KSHMR made a statement. During the hourlong set, aptly titled "KSHMR in Kashmir," a mixture of fluid synths, indulgent percussion and blissful Indian melodies and textures are weaved throughout.

His musical roots are deeply ingrained in Indian culture, and the set represents a beautiful ode to where he comes from.

EDM.com spoke with KSHMR last year about how his Indian roots influenced the sound and journey of Harmonica Andromeda, his stunning debut album. He told us that he enjoys taking otherwise small items such as the harmonica—the primary instrument on the album—and making it sound bigger than it is.

"It's satisfying from a storytelling perspective," he said at the time. "It's picking something small like that and teaming with Andromeda, something so massive and galactic."

You can watch the full "KSHMR in Kashmir" performance below.


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Megan Thee Stallion Dips Her Toes In House Music: Listen to "Her"

The single appears on her new sophomore album, "Traumazine," which features production from Whethan and Dwilly.

After dropping her sophomore album, it’s clear Megan Thee Stallion was influenced by electronic music. 

With the help of "Savage" producer Whethan, who is credited on the album's ninth track, Traumazine is a breath of fresh air for the chart-topping rapper. She leans heavily into dance music at times, blending electronic elements with her signature, sexually charged lyricism.

The album's fifth track, “Her,” is a standout. In true Meg nature, the arrangement kicks off with bravado before being swept up by a driving house rhythm. The accompanying music video features monochrome multiples of the rapper dancing along to the track's thumping bassline.

It's not the first time Stallion has dipped her toes in house music. Last year, she featured on "Bad Bitches," a single from Marshmello's Grammy-nominated Shockwave album.

Her solo foray into the genre should come as no surprise as the scene's biggest contemporary artists experiment with the genre. Beyoncé's record-breaking Renaissance album is heavily influenced by house music, featuring production from Green Velvet, Honey Dijon, Skrillex and more. Prior to that record, Drake's seventh studio album, Honestly, Nevermind, shattered the record for Apple Music's most first-day streams for a dance album.

You can stream Traumazine in full below.


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Former Employees File Class Action Lawsuit Against Pollen Over Unpaid Wages

The suit is the latest development in the saga of the destination events company, which had raised $150 million before falling into administration in the U.K.

Amid the fallout of Pollen, the destination events company is now facing a class action lawsuit from former employees, Digital Music News reports.

Pollen recently went into administration in the U.K. after receiving droves of complaints from consumers, many of whom allege the company failed to issue refunds for events that had been canceled. The company also drew the ire of a number of its partners, like Drumcode Malta, whose organizers said Pollen's highly publicized struggles forced them to pull the plug on the festival.

As the news circulated, Pollen released a statement attributing its pitfalls to a number of factors, including COVID-19 restrictions and a global economic downtick. The statement arrived days after Live Nation released its Q2 financials, reporting $4.43 billion in revenue, up from $575.9 million last year.

"Despite strong growth since Streetteam Software Ltd.’s inception eight years ago, the knock-on effects of COVID-19 over the last two years, which decimated much of the travel sector, together with the tech stock crash and current consumer uncertainty in light of global economic conditions, put too much pressure on the business whilst at a critical stage of a scale-up’s maturity," reads Pollen's statement.

Now, Sergio Giancaspro is suing Network Travel Experiences, Inc. and StreetTeam Software LLC., the U.S. subsidiaries of Pollen, according to DMN. The class action suit alleges that Pollen was aware of its financial difficulties in early 2022 after missing payroll to its U.S. workforce. Moreover, employees' reimbursements in 2022 were reportedly late, with some sources saying they weren’t repaid at all.

The suit is the latest development in the saga of Pollen, which had raised $150 million to curate destination travel experiences. Founded in 2014, the company reportedly laid off over 150 members of its staff in May, just one month after the funding round.

"It touts itself as 'pair[ing] world-class entertainment with exciting destinations,' and offers employees a chance to 'live a bigger life.' Pollen proclaims that it is backed by prominent investors and has raised over $200 million in VC funding," the lawsuit reads, per DMN.

"The party ended in August 2022," the suit adds. "Pollen's executives severely mismanaged the hundreds of millions with which they were entrusted."

There's a Brand New Halloween EDM Festival Coming to Chicago

Alison Wonderland, Excision, Getter, Adventure Club and more have been confirmed to appear at Chicago's inaugural Necropolis Music Festival.

The city of Chicago is creepin' it real after the reveal of a brand new electronic dance music festival, Necropolis.

Scheduled for October 29th and 30th, the Halloween-themed fest comes courtesy of Auris Presents, a leading Chicago promoter responsible for ARC and Heatwave, among other major EDM events in the Windy City.

Alison Wonderland, Excision, Getter, Adventure Club and EDM.com Class of 2021 artists Blanke and Lucii have been confirmed for performances at the inaugural Necropolis, which organizers liken to a place "where heavy bass music and the dark fantasies of Halloween collide." They are announcing a second wave of artists soon, according to a press release shared with EDM.com.

Tickets will go on sale Friday, August 19th at 12pm CST. You can sign up for updates on the official Necropolis Festival website and check out the full to-date lineup below.

View the original article to see embedded media.

Necropolis Music Festival 2022 Phase One Lineup

1991 b2b Culture Shock
Alison Wonderland
Adventure Club
DJ Diesel

Follow Necropolis Music Festival:

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Inside Grass Lands, the Largest Cannabis Experience In a U.S. Music Festival to Date

How cooperation became more advantageous than competition among the most potent players in the cannabis industry.

Music producers, artists, and event organizers often talk about how they smoke the competition, but few pull it off quite like Outside Lands.

Last weekend, Grass Lands celebrated its fourth year at the Bay Area fest. In that time, the experience has expanded with more partners and offerings, but the best part is festival-goers are able to purchase and enjoy their cannabis freely in a fully compliant zone for smoking.

Alive Coverage

Now in its 14th iteration, Outside Lands Festival is no stranger to pushing the envelope, but few can assemble the cavalcade of top-shelf cannabis partners who make Grass Lands such a potent festival experience.

For instance, Traditional, who is known largely as the godfather of OG growers through most of California, was there with discounted buds in a variety of their many signature flavors.

Alive Coverage

High Times also turned out with their new line of cannabis, including some flower with stellar THC levels approaching 40%. Also adding to the experience was STIIIZY, who, in addition to being one of the edgiest cannabis brands out there, has a following so evangelical and knowledgeable about their products that dispensary workers sometimes joke they’ve managed to put the "cult" in their cultivation techniques.

That’s just a few in the stacked list of partners who collaborated over the course of the weekend to make Grass Lands successful.

ALIVE Coverage

At the helm of Outside Lands' high ambitions is Another Planet Entertainment’s Chief of Operations, Steve Welkom. For him, just the fact that they can do this at all is a massive win for the industry, where—let’s face it—cannabis has already been for a long time.

"This year almost half of our products are local and social equity owned," Welkom tells EDM.com. "We have a big equity push… in fact there was a panel out there talking about social equity and I was surprised to see how many people were there puffing away enjoying that situation. It’s pretty remarkable to have a situation where it’s legal for both sales and consumption at a festival."

Alive Coverage

For a lot of smokers, legal compliance means no paranoia and that’s just a whole different party. There's also many cases to be made about the impact cannabis has when you introduce it to a common festival environment where alcohol is served.

Behind the curtain of Grass Lands' pioneering success are Embarc’s co-founders, Dustin Moore and Laura Carpenter. Five years ago these opportunities didn’t even exist, but today Embarc is leading the charge.

In the nascent world of cannabis events, they serve as the operational glue that holds all these blending experiences, brand activations and dynamic collaborations together. In 2019, for instance, they helped Grass Lands secure its permits for sales of cannabis. Then in 2021 and 2022, they started running concessions at the festival.

Alive Coverage

"We really fit between site ops, production, sponsorship and realm of cannabis turning this into reality," says Moore. "So we embed with Another Planet Entertainment and Superfly teams when it comes to identifying sponsors, advancing those sponsorships, and then helping design and implement the activations onsite. The Another Planet Entertainment and Superfly teams really manage the infrastructure and we handle everything that’s commercial cannabis related."

The way Moore and Carpenter see it, the special sauce of Grass Lands lies in who they bring in as partners. They also believe in the intrinsic value Outside Lands and its cannabis partners can offer each other. As a result, they bring out some of the biggest players in the industry alongside several socially equitable cannabis companies from the area.

Alive Coverage

Showing these brands can team up well to create this cohesive experience is one of the toughest stigmas festivals still need to overcome, Carpenter tells us. 

"Bringing cannabis into an event actually brings a lot of benefits and its helpful for us to be able to provide that data," she says. "As more of our communities start to have the conversation, whether we can have cannabis in our community, whether it’s retail or events, it’s really important for them to have that data because it helps to combat the fear surrounding integrating cannabis with live events."

Moore also believes that because cannabis is one of the few industries forbidden from advertising, their industry relies heavily on word of mouth. For cannabis companies, just getting that face time with people one-on-one is a huge advantage.

Alive Coverage

What’s fascinating is they all want a chance to reach the same people, but they don’t compete like vendors might in other festivals.

'I think that’s partly because there’s a collaborative environment. It’s almost like a collective mindset," Moore explains. "These brands do not see each other as competitors. They’re all helping each other out… it’s so rare in industry where you see all of these partners coming together really because it’s not about how well each one of them do, it’s about how important it is that Grass Lands succeeds for the fate of the license industry moving forward."

"I think you see this collective environment because these are all licensed businesses who are trying to do this the right way," he continues. "And they’re being undercut constantly by unlicensed markets. And they see this as their chance to stand head and shoulders above that market and show the quality and the testing and consistency, and all the hard work that goes into being a compliant business—they can show that off here."

Alive Coverage

For the people who come to Grass Lands, Carpenter loves that in tandem with getting to know the leaders and local legends of the cannabis industry, festival-goers have the opportunity to find a momentary respite from the oft-overstimulating sensory experiences of the festival—and maybe some cannabis and a place to smoke it too.

"A huge part of this is also just providing access where folks know it’s safe and it’s tested, so they can have cannabis that enhances that journey as they meander through something that is hyper-experiential by design," Carpenter says. "It’s nice that they’re able to foster an environment where people can come here just to relax." 


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Wynn Nightlife's Ryan Jones On How He Landed Swedish House Mafia's First-Ever North American DJ Residency

EDM.com caught up with Jones, the Assistant Vice President of Nightlife for Wynn and Encore Las Vegas, ahead of the historic residency.

In a nightlife ecosystem as cutthroat as Las Vegas, clubs come and go like feathers in the wind. But Ryan Jones has always found solid ground.

As the Assistant Vice President of Nightlife for Wynn and Encore Las Vegas, Jones has played an integral role cultivating one of the most formidable power-players in the entertainment capital of the world. Thanks in part to his disruptive marketing strategies, XS Nightclub, Encore Beach Club and the rest of Wynn Nightlife's properties have long been considered a paragon of innovation in Sin City.

However, Jones' latest triumph is arguably the most impactful brushstroke of his gilded career canvas. He's credited with launching the first-ever North American nightlife residency of legendary trio Swedish House Mafia, whose return after a near-decade hiatus has gripped the electronic dance music community at large.

EDM.com caught up with Jones to discuss his role in the residency and the secret sauce to longevity in Las Vegas.

Ryan Jones, Assistant Vice President of Nightlife for Wynn and Encore Las Vegas.

c/o Wynn Nightlife

EDM.com: Can you tell our readers about your start in nightlife? How did you first get into entertainment?

Ryan Jones: I got my start on the operational side, but really found my passion in nightlife by going through each and every department, where I later found my niche in strategy marketing and entertainment. I’ve served many positions from general manager of Encore Beach Club to executive director of operations for multiple venues, to much more.

EDM.com: You’re credited with launching Swedish House Mafia’s first-ever North American nightlife residency. How did that come about?

Ryan Jones: Swedish House Mafia really came about via our relationship with not only the band, but management as well. Whether it was working with the artists as individuals or with the management team on other artists, we already had an established relationship.

The reality of an SHM residency came to fruition when the band got back together at Coachella and dropped a new album. The conversations continued to flow and here we are landing Swedish House Mafia and their first-ever North American nightlife residency.

EDM.com: What role did you play in landing that historic residency? Walk us through the motions.

Ryan Jones: After we had Steve Angelo and Sebastian Ingrosso as resident artists in 2019, I grew a close relationship with not only the band, but their team. So getting all three members to Wynn for an exclusive residency is something that has been in the works for quite some time. I was persistent in bringing this first-ever nightclub residency to Wynn Nightlife, so continued negotiations with the group and here we are.

Swedish House Mafia perform at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Sunday, April 17th, 2022.

Brian Rapoport/EDM.com

EDM.com: You’ve seen firsthand how Wynn nightlife has evolved—and stayed on top—over the course of a decade. What’s the secret sauce to longevity in an ecosystem like Vegas?

Ryan Jones: First and foremost, I think it’s always looking into that crystal ball and around the bend of what’s coming next as far as entertainment goes. It’s important to find that something that will keep the brand fresh and relevant in addition to throwing the best parties, booking top-tier talent and hosting out of market activations.

I would be remiss to leave out the fact that our daylife and nightlife venues are located within Wynn, and we give—in my opinion—the best service, hospitality, and have the best staff assisting our guests day in and day out.

EDM.com: What are some of the values at the bedrock of your approach to nightlife? And which do you feel are most responsible for impact on Wynn’s blue-ribbon nightlife experiences?

Ryan Jones: Entertainment and service are the core value of what makes Wynn Nightlife successful. You need to have compelling entertainment that is exciting and relevant to keep the visitors coming back time and time again.

Once the guests are in the room, you have to give them a great experience and impeccable service that leaves them with that undeniable feeling that I not only got an incredible show, but amazing service. This level of service is universal across our property as a whole whether a nightclub, spa or restaurant.

The Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas.

Danny Mahoney

EDM.com: Considering you’ve consistently risen through the nightlife ranks, what would your advice be to an organizer or promoter who feels they’ve hit a vocational glass ceiling?

Ryan Jones: In this industry people get stuck in one lane. I started out on the operational side and now I have little to do with operations, and much more on the other side of the business with marketing strategy and talent.

I believe it’s important for young people in this business to try all different aspects of it whether it’s hosting, sales, public relations or operations and find where your true passion lies. It’s almost like going to college without a degree in mind, so you go into the business wondering where can I go from here, and find the lane that you love. Once you find that lane, grind through it as hard as you can.

EDM.com: If you could pinpoint one experience that was directly responsible for a breakthrough in your career, which would it be?

Ryan Jones: There have been many milestones and we will continue to have more, but a notable moment in my career was being a part of the team that conceptualized putting multiple world-famous venues under one umbrella, which resulted in the creation of the Wynn Nightlife brand as opposed to Wynn just having individual outlets.

EDM.com: What does the next 10 years look like for Las Vegas nightlife?

Ryan Jones: Vegas nightlife you will continue to see a lot more of in the current market. It’s a big business and I don’t think you’ll see it go anywhere anytime soon. It’s a true attraction for the city when we book big artists and performers.

What you will see for Wynn Nightlife in the next 10 years is renovations to our current venues, new outlets popping up, different style experiences and continuing on the path of booking top-tier DJs, and entertainment as a whole.

Fred again.. and Kenny Beats Are Throwing a Free Pop-Up Rave In London

In the wake of his explosive Boiler Room performance, Fred again.. is priming "a bunch of USB weapons" for a rare pop-up rave.

You may be wondering why you can't escape the name Fred again.. lately.

The surging producer recently went viral for his explosive Boiler Room DJ set, where he debuted unreleased collaborations with the likes of Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia, among others. Now gearing up for the release of his third studio album, Actual Life 3, Fred again.. is building the hype with another "you had to be there" performance.

This time around, he's teaming up with one of the world's most prolific hip-hop producers, Kenny Beats, for a rare pop-up rave in London. And fans lucky enough to be there will hear another trove of unreleased music.

"Got a bunch of USB weapons for this one," Fred again.. tweeted.

Kenny Beats is also a Boiler Room alum, having performed at a number of the renowned music brand's events, most recently at their stage at Primavera Sound Barcelona.

Beats cut his teeth in the electronic dance music scene as a member of LOUDPVCK before his wildly successful pivot to hip-hop and R&B, leading to productions for Vince Staples, FKA twigs, Gucci Mane, Rico Nasty and many more.

You can register for access to the upcoming London rave here.

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