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Five Unforgettable Moments From Red Bull Guest House During Miami Grand Prix Weekend

Red Bull Guest House returned to reign in the high stakes debut of Formula 1 in Miami.

There’s more to Red Bull than the caffeine boost.

It's no secret that the prolific energy drink brand has successfully parlayed its consumer appeal into a thriving lifestyle brand making its name synonymous with discovering the many thrills life has to offer. There's arguably no better testament to the success of the company’s ventures off the shelf than Oracle Red Bull Racing, an effort that has the brand perennially on the minds of the sport’s exponentially growing fan base of 430 million and counting.

Another experience that we suspect will grow to become inextricably intertwined with Oracle Red Bull Racing over time is Red Bull Guest House. Historically, Red Bull Guest House, a curated, invite-only showcase experience, and Red Bull's efforts on the racetrack have remained distinctly separate, until now. 

This year, the organization took the step of melding these experiences together to create a curated event series in honor of the Formula 1 debut in Miami. On the surface, dance music and F1 racing may seem an unlikely combination, but the two fields have demonstrated track records of connecting global fandoms, audiences, and cultures in ways that few other genres and sporting events can hope to accomplish. Perhaps for that reason it’s no wonder the world’s most highly visible electronic artists are aligning themselves with the sport now more than ever. From Tiësto’s performance from the back of a tricked-out Heineken truck at the Dutch Grand Prix, to Nervo’s high-flying performance in São Paulo, and Charlotte de Witte’s Formula EP, the connection is becoming more visible by the day.

With Formula 1 setting up camp in Miami, Red Bull’s Guest House experience made a triumphant return for the first time since 2019 and the action-packed weekend showed just how dance music, F1 Racing, and their surrounding cultures are interfacing more cohesively than ever before.

We’ve recapped five of Red Bull Guest House's biggest moments following the successful debut of the Miami Grand Prix.

Curated, Culturally Diverse Showcases

Channel Tres takes the stage during the closing night of Red Bull Guest House

Daniel Zuliani / Red Bull Content Pool

Given the global influence of Formula 1, Red Bull Guest House and their renowned curators brought together a talent lineup hailing from all corners of the world. Night one kicked off with the "Raíces" showcase by Tigre Sounds, spotlighting the intersection of Latin and electronic music that is near and dear to Miami. Sinego's outdoor live set under the stars was among the evening's highlights as the artist incorporated a dose of groove-inducing live hand drum percussion into his set. 

Teksupport's "Autopista" took over Saturday's festivities with an eclectic mix of electronic flavors hailing from the world's urban centers. Barcelona's Arca took attendees through a frenetic, mind-bending journey in the Faena theater while Los Angeles' American Dance Ghosts brought the lounge to their feet with the uplifting sounds of disco.

Carlita and Friends packed out the Faena speakeasy lounge during the Teksupport showcase.

Daniel Zuliani / Red Bull Content Pool

Meanwhile, Insomniac and Club Space closed out the weekend in style, bringing the sounds of Soul Clap and Horse Meat Disco to the stage. Breakout star Channel Tres rallied the crowd in the early morning hours, cruising through his career-defining hits as well as new cuts from his recent LP, refresh

Surprise Guest Appearance By LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy

DJ Tennis and LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy surprised attendees with their debut back-to-back set.

Jeremy Deputat / Red Bull Content Pool

Saturday night’s showcase began with a looming question mark, just who would be going back-to-back with the Life and Death label head-honcho DJ Tennis?

At 2:00 AM in the luxurious Faena Theater, guests got their answer as legendary frontman James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem took the stage alongside the Italian tastemaker. The two demonstrated a synergy not often seen, launching into a well-considered sonic journey of spellbinding melodic house deep into the wee morning hours.

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The truth of the matter was that this was the first time the two had ever gone back-to-back live. "I know this man James Murphy since almost 20 years now and we got the opportunity to play together for the first time last Saturday for the Oracle Red Bull Racing event, DJ Tennis said. "Felt like we were doing this together for years... Forever grateful for this unique connection."

Opening Day Aerial Stunt Show

Members of the Red Bull Air Force team parachute from a helicopter onto the beach of the Faena Hotel.

Ysanya Perez / Red Bull Content Pool

It was a high-flying opening afternoon for Red Bull Guest House as attendees arrived in South Beach. Guests gathering on the beachfront property were simply told to look up as a Red Bull branded helicopter appeared in the sky hovering directly overhead - the Red Bull Air Force had arrived to join the party. Out jumped a parachuter who swiftly swooped onto an unoccupied patch of sand on the shoreline with precision. A Red Bull-branded plane making a beeline across the sky followed suit, as another stuntman made the leap, sticking the landing with ease.

The Red Bull Air Force puts on a jaw-dropping aerial stunt show on night one of Red Bull Guest House.

Jeremy Deputat / Red Bull Content Pool

Then it was time for the pilots to take the spotlight. As they took turns in the shared airspace, guests watched in awe as the two seemingly raised the stakes with each pass. They made the practice of doing a 360-degree flip in a helicopter look routine, and a plane flying upside down somehow look natural. At times, it seemed the space between them was shockingly marginal. The performance set the tone for an adrenaline-fueled weekend of music and sports while showcasing the sheer breadth of talent and knowledge the brand retains in the extreme sports arena.

Space Yoga

Red Bull Guest House and Club Space teamed up to bring attendees a vitalizing  guided morning yoga session.

Daniel Zuliani / Red Bull Content Pool

The high-octane sugar rush of F1 weekend found an unlikely but welcome counterbalance with the inclusion of morning yoga in the weekend programming. Presented in partnership with nightlife juggernaut, Club Space, "Space Yoga" led attendees on an invigorating morning course soundtracked live by the sultry sounds of house music.

The live Space Yoga soundtrack proved to be the ideal pick-me-up on Saturday morning as attendees shook off fatigue with a productive start to the day.

Daniel Zuliani / Red Bull Content Pool

Despite the morning start after a late night at the prior evening's showcase, the class was full with eager participants of all experience levels. The guided instruction on the sunny beachfront proved to be an ideal pick-me-up that concluded with a relaxing guided meditation soundtracked to billowing ambient music. The healing power of electronic music has increasingly become a subject field of interest among researchers, and having the opportunity to participate in the curated exercise leaves us optimistic about the continued growth of events at the intersection of dance music and wellness.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen Wins Miami Grand Prix

Of course the anticipation of Sunday’s marquee event hung thick in the air throughout Red Bull Guest House's weekend, and just how team Red Bull would stack up remained a complete unknown. Saturday’s qualifying event left fans cautiously optimistic with Red Bull’s drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez earning the opportunity to start third and fourth respectively from the starting line. 

On Sunday, Verstappen demonstrated a masterful performance for the 85,000 motorsports fans in attendance, making an aggressive, yet seamless move during lap nine to take the lead - and he never looked back. Dance music superstars turned up en masse at the racetrack to catch the nail-biting action.

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The twenty-four year old superstar’s win was seen by a wide range of headline artists including Kygo, Alesso, Tiësto, David GuettaThe Chainsmokers, Zedd, Calvin Harris, and many more.

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While the crossover between the two worlds may seem unlikely at first, it’s important to remember that much like Formula 1, the sights and sounds of electronic music are similarly global in scale, and both disciplines have demonstrated the increasingly uncommon ability to break down regional borders and unify the world. 

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